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AISECT Group, since its inception, has believed in the strength of technology and has always tried to combine the same while imparting knowledge. The institutes and universities under the Group use innovative ways of teaching and learning like Video Audio Learning System (VALS), LCD projectors, e-learning platforms and classroom teaching through ISRO satellite services. Moreover, last year, AISECT entered into partnership with ALISON, a leading MOOC Service provider, in order to provide a free e-learning platform for vocational courses to India students. In 2013, AISECT made a mark in the K-12 segment with the launch of Eduvantage PRO, a unique multimedia classroom solution offering effective e-learning modules and solutions

Chairman’s Message

Dear Students,

Education, business and computers are subjects of importance. Today information of knowledge is influenced by latest technology and accordingly those institutions that have such technology and medium of information and understanding can nurture the young talents and thus help our nation to progress. Sect College is one of them such institute whose objectives are to provide technical knowledge along with our tradition and culture. Here, all those students are welcome who have desire to learn and do something differently from others. Our College will help such students in their progress.

From Principal‘s Desk

Dear Students,

AISECT society runs different stream of Colleges through SCOPE campus such as SECT College of Professional Education, SCOPE College of Management, SCOPE Engineering College, and SCOPE Public School which are collectively known as SCOPE Group of Institutes. Among all SECT College Of Professional Education prepares dedicated and competent teachers. It is a quality education destination that ensures comprehensive knowledge application, not just knowledge creation but also has set the bench mark in terms of quality infrastructure and innovative pedagogy. The main aim of the college is to provide quality teacher education to students who want to step up in the field of teaching profession. From this point of view, the college management and the faculty have been taking special care to develop serene and healthy learning environment and an excellent academic ambience where the new generation teachers along with their professional orientation would be trained in disciplined manner.

I welcome all the new teacher-trainees in our institute and I promise to mould their personality and attitude to be a Noble Teacher in changing society.



VISION we envisage SECT College of Professional Education as a world-class centre for knowledge application and not just knowledge creation. Apart from imparting quality education, we hope to inculcate values and skills that prepare our students as responsible professionals who can rise above the ordinary and put themselves at the globalised forefront of a progressive India.


  • To be recognized as a leading campus and garner accolades for dedicated service towards the social and economic development of the nation.
  • To be a place where education is imparted through extensive and innovative use of technology and world-class facilities.
  • To be a source of inspiration that nurtures the youth as responsible, talented professionals by sowing the seeds of skill based education and technical competency.
  • Through SCOPE campus, we envisage to from the future educator, teachers and citizens who are intellectually competent, spiritually mature, morally upright psychologically integrated, physically healthy and socially acceptable.
  • To form well- groomed teachers who are leaving the portal of this temple of learning and molded to decipher the unique potential of a child and possess the passion to impart imaginative, innovative and hands-on education creating the child friendly environment in their future.

Learning Resource Centers

We are planning to publish a year book of the college in this session. (UTHAN 2015)

Total No. Of Title


Total No. Of Books


Total Reference Books


Reference Books Added in 2018-19


Reference Books Added in 2019-20


Total Encyclopedia


No. Of Journals




1.          शोधार्थी
2.          Indian Journal Psychometry
3.          Teacher Support ( अध्यापक साथी )
4.           भारतीय आधुनिक शिक्षा
5.          Indian Education Review
6.          Journal of Indian Education
7.           प्राथमिक शिक्षा
8.          Primary Teacher
9.          School Science
10.         Journal of Education for Sustainable Development
11.         International Studies


Language Lab

Language is the best means of communication. For communication our college has well equipped language lab. The students make practice of speaking the correct language with the help of language lab.


College offers a well maintained and furnished ICT lab to facilitate various groups of students. The laboratory has 50 systems with suitable configuration having internet facility which are handled by experienced computer assistant and faculty members.

Educational Technology Lab

  • Camera(Digital)
  • Handy cam
  • L.C.D. Projector
  • O.H.P. with screen
  • Slide projector
  • Coloured T.V.
  • V.C.D. player
  • Tape Recorder

Phychology Lab

The psychology laboratory is essential to maintain the quality and standard o f the teachers training program at any level. The college has well equipped psychology laboratory with a large number of apparatus and tests on various aspects of psychology such a child's socio-economic, intellectual, personality and behavior dimensions. Knowledge of these psychological aspects is imperative to understand the need of a child- centered curriculum and modalities of its transaction. The trainees learn various components of child psychology through various psychological tests which help to understand their student better.

Science Lab

The College has well equipped laboratories of Science and Mathematics where students can carry equipments and can do demonstrations.


  • Principal’s office
  • Administrative Office
  • Staff Room
  • No. of Classroom – 7
  • Multipurpose hall
  • Seminar Room
  • Play Ground
  • Parking
  • Canteen


  • Girls Common Room
  • Boys Common Room


  • Library
  • Psychology Lab
  • Science Lab
  • ICT Resource Center
  • Curriculum laboratory
  • Art & Craft Resource Center
  • Health and Physical Education Resources Center
  • Store Room-2


  • Female Staff Toilet-1
  • Male Staff Toilet-1
  • Girls toilet-2
  • Boys toilet -2


  • Electricity & Inverter
  • Water Purifier Cooler
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Photocopier
  • Printer
  • Transportation Facility


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